February 2020 HOY Spotlight

Hey everyone!

Hope your month has been going well so far as we close out February. This month we will Spotlight a fellow yogini with her own business called This Curvi Yogi. Read the story below to find out more about her!

What is your name, where are you from, and what is one fun fact about yourself? 

My name is Jacquitta Boone and I am from Murfreesboro, NC. Fun Fact: Lindtor Dark Chocolate Truffles are my favorite! (My absolute Weakness 😊)

What got you into practicing yoga? 

I started yoga while going to grad school and working full time. I started because I thought it would help find time for myself in the midst of my schedule. I started using an app on my computer that went through simple flows and then started doing yoga Challenges on Instagram to add to my practice. So I started yoga right in the comfort of my own home!

As far as your personal practice, what is your “go to” asana and/or mantra that helps you feel grounded? 

I actually love half moon pose. It may not seem as grounding but it reminds me that I can be grounded wherever I am (with my foot and hand planted), even when life is pulling me in different directions (with my other leg and arm extended in the air).

Who aspires you within the world of yoga? 

I am black, curvy woman and so of course I look to Jessamyn Stanley and Diane Bondy for inspiration. But honestly, I use my Instagram to find many women who look like me for inspiration. I love seeing the representation and being able to recieve inspiration for my own practice and for my classes. I love the yoga community I am a part of and the one i am building.

Where do you see yourself within the next five years as a yogini and person overall? 

I would love to say that I see myself having a consistent practice again or having a consistent meditation practice; however, I realistically see myself continuing my own self study. I see myself getting to know me better and better and taking care of myself accordingly. I see myself providing space for others as I do now as a yoga teacher, but with more knowledge to help people from all walks of life. 

What piece of advice would you give to others that may be in doubt, but interested practicing and/or teaching yoga?

For those who want to practice yoga, dont let images on the Internet discourage you. Every physical practice will look different. We all have different body types and therefore our bodies will look different in the same pose. Your practice is yours. Learn to listen to your body. This means know when to challenge yourself or when to rest, because both are essential.

For those who want to teach, just know that your presence is needed! You may be the representation that someone is looking for in a teacher! Let that be your motivation to keep going until you get your certification!

Thanks for the amazing words of encouragement!

Check Jacquitta out on her social media platforms and website 💙






Who should be next to be featured on HOY Spotlight? Send requests to info@y3lhouseofyogini.com

Until next time…

Love Light & Positive Vibes

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