January 2020 HOY Spotlight

Hello everyone!

Each month, one or more yogis & yoginis that bring something to the community will be featured as a House of Yogini (HOY) Spotlight. Our first feature is my beautiful & outgoing yogini sis Ife.

What is your name, where are you from, and what is one fun fact about yourself? 

Courtney, better known as Ife. I am from Syracuse, NY. I absolutely love to dance and sing even though I can’t do either well.

What got you into practicing yoga?

My journey began five years ago while jumping into the #100DaysofHappiness Journey. I needed to feel whole once graduating college (CAU) and incorporating yoga helped. As someone who battled Depression and Anxiety since the age of 15, I knew I had work to do. I used social media to lead me into my yoga journey and self-love journey.

As far as your personal practice, what is your “go to” asana and/or mantra that helps you feel grounded? 

My Go To Asana is Extended Puppy Pose. It’s both grounding and an amazing heart opener. There are so many wonderful mantras but I truly believe on honing into the Power of Now. It’s so easy to get caught up in the past and the future, but to be present…now that’s the real magic. 

Who aspires you within the world of yoga? 

I truly am inspired by so many people. The list would be way too long! But I’ll give you a hint! My heart grows much bigger when I see black men and women on their mats. They/We are my biggest inspirations. 

Where do you see yourself within the next five years as a yogini and person overall? 

As a Yogini, teaching self love and inner strength to more of the black community. Showing up for us in ways we might not have ever had it before. I want my own studio and an apothecary. Oh and did I mention I sell natural products?! I’d be selling yoga mat cleaners everywhere! As a person . . . to continue to heal my inner child, remain authentic and live in my purpose. 

What piece of advice would you give to others that may be in doubt, but interested practicing and/or teaching yoga? 

Do what you want to do (for you). Time is of the essence so spend it filled making memories and enjoying life. Do not get caught up in comparison, social media, and what others think. It is so easy to compare ourselves to those we see that maybe in their winning season. Relax, sis! Yours is around the corner. Remember to be mindful of the way you feel and know that your journey is yours. You’re worthy. Yoga is truly for EVERYONE. 

Thanks for the amazing words of encouragement!

Check Ife out on her social media platforms and Etsy shop 💙






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Who should be next to be featured on HOY Spotlight? Send requests to info@y3lhouseofyogini.com

Until next time…

Love Light & Positive Vibes

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